Thermo Structural


  • Thermal, thermo-structural and structural analyses applying EM, thermal, fluid-dynamic and seismic loads on ITER PFCs (Plasma Facing Components) and Divertor Cassette Body: from ITER-FEAT version to Divertor 2001-Design, 2002-Design, 2006-Design & 2008-Design;
  • Divertor Structural assessment following the Nuclear Licensing rules.

  • Thermal, thermo-structural and structural analyses for the assessment of the supports connecting the ITER blanket modules to the Vacuum Vessel under EM and neutronic loads.

  • Thermal analyses for the optimization of the bonding process for the production of corrugated board. 

  • Thermo-mechanical analyses in order to evaluate the temperature distribution, the mechanical stress and deformation of cylinder presses for the corrugated board production. 

  • Thermal analysis of an electric actuator operating in air and water.