EM-Structural Analyses


EM Structural analyses

The coupling of electromagnetic and structural analysis normally requires the development of a model for EM analysis with different characteristics compared to the model for the structural analysis (more detailed).

Having to interface the EM with structural analyses, the LTCalcoli has developed a very detailed technology for the application of loads resulting from electromagnetic type in models for thermal, thermo-structural and structural analyses 




Transient PFC (Plasma Facing Components) and the ITER divertor cassette analyses: ITER-FEAT Divertor-2001 Design, 2002-Design, 2008 & 2006-Design-Design

  •         Transient analysis of the TBM Port Frame ITER; Conceptual Design 2010

  • Transient analysis for the evaluation of the maximum stress on the waveguides and related media during disrupzione plasma and optimization of the configuration of the anchor Vacuum Vessel. Conceptual Design 2009.

  •         Transient analysis of the vacuum vessel during the IGNITOR Plasma Disruptions.

  •     Detailed analysis of helical groove for clamping door to the roof-tiles on the first wall of IGNITOR

  •      Transient analysis of blankets for DEMO during disruption of plasma

  • Analysis for the evaluation of the EM forces on a system of conducting bars during a short-circuit and subsequent structural analysis for the evaluation of the state of stress and induced deformation.