Simulation of electromagnetic phenomena (induced currents, motors, reactors, ...) and engineering of high frequency components (antennas, filters, OMT).

Thermo structural
Simulation FEM of thermo-structural phenomena: vibrational analysis of structures (resonances), thermal distortions, and structural deformations induced by welding.

Kinematic and Dynamic analysis
Management and interfacing of codes for the kinematic and dynamic analysis with structural codices, obtaining, apart from the information relative to interferences and reciprocally caused movements, also the structural stresses during contacts.

Fluid Dynamics Vibroacustics Analyses
Fluid paths, with any turbulence and energetic exchanges. Es: internal thermo-fluid dynamics of an internal combustion engine.

Software development
L.T.C. develops calculation software able to solve with accuracy specific problems that for any reason can not be tackled by standard commercial modelling programs. This activity implies a computational research investment, sometimes considerable. L.T.C. owns several calculation algorithms for the solution of specific problems.