Activities of finite element simulation for thermal, structural, thermal-structural and electromagnetic problems connected with the design and manufacturing of prototypes.

In collaboration with the CNR-Institute of Plasma Physics:

  • Thermo-fluid-dynamics, thermo-structural and structural analysis for the design of bolometric spheres for the measurement of power of a beam of micro-waves.
  • Design and construction of prototypes for the 1 and 2 MW loads, continuous flow and pulse.


For the CNR-Institute for Radio Astronomy:

  • Cassini's mission
    • electromagnetic design of a coaxial illuminator receiving primary focus in contemporary dual-band Ka and X for VLBI 19m diameter parabolic antennas located in Noto (Sr) and Medicine (Bo) (2000-2001)
    • development and laboratory testing of the working prototype successfully installed in Noto (Sr) (2002).