Fluid Dynamics Vibroacustics


Fluid-Dynamic Vibroacustic Analysis



  • Evaluation of the sound field emitted by automobile brakes during braking. Interaction of a calculation software developed by LTCalcoli with commercial thermo-structural software

  • Analysis of the dynamic behavior of a plastic cover for the electric motor in order to determinate the modal contributions to the vibration, coupled with fluid dynamic analysis of the paths of the cooling air with the evaluation of the noise sources. Subsequent optimization of the structure for the reduction of the level of noise emitted from the motor in operating conditions.

  • Analysis of Transmission Loss of an insulation system employed in the automotive industry to be applied on a floor of the vehicle and optimization, to improve the Transmission Loss of 5 dB from 500 Hz to 5000Hz


ENEA- Reactors Security Department: CFD analysis of the fire propagation in the building where tritium is treated for ITER. CFD simulation of dust propagation in the vacuum high temperature tank (2003-2003).

ANSALDO Transports: CDF analysis of the cooling efficiency of the ETR locomotive engines (2001-2003).

SAIPEM S.p.a.:  Optimisation of gas adduction to a pipe welding torch (2002).

High vacuum: Numerical analysis with experimental comparison of turbo-molecular pumps (2002)

MBDA:  Study of the fluid-dynamic properties of the jet flow of a missile engine (2003).

C.N.R. IFP: Analysis and optimization of a bolometric sphere for 1 and 2 MW (2003).

Food industry: Analysis of hydraulic resonances in packaging machines for different liquids, in order to speed up the production cycle (2002-2003).