Who we are

The Company was founded in 1996, finalizing a long experience in electromagnetic analysis at ENEA, with the intention of creating a consulting company specializing in electromagnetic analysis that responds primarily to the needs of the ENEA research centers. Gradually, the activities were extended to other fields of numerical simulation such as structural mechanics and fluid dynamics.

The Company continues to grow and has its operational office in Merate (Lecco), very close to Milan, which is the center of gravity of the Italian industry and it provides services of simulation with Finite Elements.

Numerical analysis with these methods has long been widely used by automotive companies, aviation, space and manufacturing as an integral part of their design process (simulation of complex problems such as stamping, forging and crash). Even small and medium-sized companies can improve their design activity exploring in a simple and fast design alternatives, and reduce production costs. In this way you can get better products while reducing time to market.

Due to the fields in which the LTCalcoli work (national and international scientific research projects), working with universities and scientific institutes, its know-how is constantly maintained at high levels. This allows LTCalcoli to analyze the alternatives to the proposed project and also to develop innovative solutions.

Within this research, several articles have been published in scientific journals and also at various international conferences.

The skills acquired by LTCalcoli make possible to address a wide range of issues related to both standard verification activities in support of the engineering departments, both related to applied research for small and medium-large industry.

The main activities of numerical simulation are provided with the ability to rapid prototyping with the development of functional prototypes (cured resins and other materials) to verify that the external appearance of the product respects the functionality required to fulfill the project.